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5 stars! So Amazing and great Experience from the start. Bridal shower! Pre nup and most of all our Blessed BIG Day. Shoutout to Abigail Orena! You’re the best! love 💕love💗
— Romina
Abigail you are amazing!. Thank you so much for making such special memories for me and the fam jam! xo
— Krystal Bruce
i love love love abotz photography=D beautiful images every corner of emotions she can capture. <3 it all! thank you abotz for making my wedding this memorable. Thank you for giving me something to cherish and remember what my wedding day was. Thank you sooooo much!
— Katherine Faye
I love your work, so, so, so, so much miss! Your photos alway get the best reviews in my portfolio. The agent who discovered Coco Rocha kept on telling me the photography is fantastic!
— Amrit Gill
— Amethyst Abesamis
Love abotz photography! would definitely book with them again. So lucky to have worked with talented photographers for my wedding! 5 stars
— Berna
Wouldn’t have documented our event any other way - thank you for capturing all those smiles from our family and friends, Abotz! Here’s to more memories that you’ll “paparazzi” in the days to come!
— Kei
OMG! Ate Abi ur the best thaaaaaaaaaank you soooooo much til nextime.
— Mary Suzanne Castillo Espiritu
Very professional at what they do and fair with prices.
— Rudy Pettelier
1, 2, 3, say “Cheese”! Abotz photobooth is the perfect addition to any event. She brings all the perks of a photobooth, but with a twist. Instead of sitting in front of a screen, you get to sit in front of a real photographer, meaning more time to pick that perfect pose and more room to fit all your friends. To think , I could have missed out on an awesome experience! I didn’t need to worry about anything. She came in with the whole setup: a backdrop, props, and, of course, her camera. Everything matched with my party. Being a camera shy individual, I was reluctant to have my photo taken, but she brought out my inner model. Before I knew it, I was posing while she took photos that captured my best angles. Props inspired extra creativeness and made each shot incredibly fun. The guests were excited by the concept, as well. Most, if not all, lined up for a chance to have their photo taken. The best part was that the pictures were captured, edited, and printed in minutes, so everyone could grab a copy before going home. Overall, Abotz added a special element to the event and would not have been the same without her.
— Daphny Budaz
Live. Love. Passion. Life. Meaning. Capture.
Abotz is awesome! :)
— Harriet
It was back in 2011 when me and my husband had our first ever photoshoot... with Abotz!!! We had fun doing the shoot... she guided as along but she was also able to let us be ourselves in the photos which was why the photos turned out great because she got to capture our moments really well! ☺ We loved how the shots turned out... the photos were great! Ever since that, photoshoots have somehow become our favourite especially now that our little family has grown and we’d definitely loveee to do another shoot with Abotz in the future!!! A sequel to that couple shoot!
— Jennifer Gonzales
It was my first time to have a photo shoot. And she was awesome, there was never an awkward moment for me, Specially having my 37 weeks belly on. It was a wonderful experience and memory to keep. Thanks abotz definitely coming back on my next
— Jacq Apolinar