Let's Get Lost - 24 hours in YYC // Things to do in Calgary

We all know about the cool bridges and that restaurant up that high tower with the prettiest view of the city but if you're looking for something different, well, here are the stops we made in our 24 hours in YYC. Let's Get Lost, Shall We?

Funny enough, 30 minutes in the city and we were already lost - True Story.

❤ What to do in Calgary?

1. North Glenmore Park - First Things Firsts, I really wanted to put in my run for the day and I was super happy when Hazel had picked this spot from our list to start our day with. We were very lucky to have the sun and such a pretty day out. You'll find people jogging, going for a nice walk and biking. We also came across someone who was bird watching & an old couple sitting by the benches just enjoying the view. You can also rent canoes & kayaks at The Calgary Canoe Club to enjoy the Glenmore Reservoir.

This totally makes for a good start or for a re-fresh kinda day.

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2. Kensington Village - They call this Calgary's Village in the city. Super chill, filled with cool cafes and restaurants if you're looking for a place to stop for dinner or lunch. If you love coffee just as much as we do, make a stop at Higher Ground Cafe.

They also seem to be very Single friendly around here - as we passed by a Greek Cooking Workshop FOR SINGLES 😉 -- that's a thing?! [If you've met your special someone at a Cooking Workshop, I want to photograph your story!!

There's a lot of parking spots as you drive through the street but for those that don't do street parking (ahem*me*) - ask me where I parked and maybe I'll share. 

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3. Do you like Fun Walls? - We really wish we had more time to go around because checking out and stopping for all these fun walls in the city would've been fun. But maybe we'll save that for next time. We picked this fun wall for our #CrashingDateNights in YYC & this trippy wall is by LukesDrugMart [ 112 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3R9 ] if you ever want to stop by for that sweet instagram/profile pic! 

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For more Fun Walls in the YYC ... check out this girls' blog [ https://www.pizzapuppiesprosecco.com ] or search #YYCWALLCRAWL on Instagram - this would totally be next on my YYC List !! 

4. Book an AirBNB with Little Lovely Nook - So... I have been curious about booking with AirBNB and thought this would be a good time to try. I've heard both really good and some bad things about it but we were lucky enough to have an Ah-mazing 1st experience. I was wow'd with how easy the booking process is. I was even more wow'd with everything that came with it. You get to know your host through their profile, you get to see their recommendations - places to go, where to eat, what to see. AND .... AND THEN .... I get an e-mail with a Check-In Questionnaire from our host asking, "What's in Your Coffee?"

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What can I say? You had me at Coffee. All in all, it was a wonderful experience - both our host and the place were the loveliest. 

If you're ever curious or wanting to try it out ... Here's $45 OFF your first stay [ www.airbnb.ca/c/abigailo195 ] - Let me know how you like it! 

5. Cap off the night at Aussie Rules Piano Bar - Have you ever been to a Piano Bar that would play anything from the sixties to the most recent party songs?? I swear, these guys are the coolest! Put in a request for "Itsy Bitsy Spider" if you ever go 😉 

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  Well, thanks for hanging out. If you have any more recommendations for our next visit, we'd love to hear it! Til' next time YYC! 

xoxo, abotz

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