Let's Get Lost

I'm never one to be great at directions, especially when I find myself roaming around or having to get to a place that's entirely new to me. I rely on my GPS religiously - and well, even that has gotten me lost and driven me around in circles a few times or so. 

The funny thing about Getting Lost is that.. while it can be frustrating, it opens you up to places and things that you otherwise wouldn't have seen if well, you got to where you're supposed to be right the first time - like say, the dirt roads that I've ended up on because well, GPS wasn't co-operating well with me. But sometimes, it leads to a pretty scenic drive, watching sunsets on the road, making random stops & stumbling upon pretty cool locations. 

I guess that's what exploring is really about. Checking out new places, new spots. Allowing yourself to be surprised by what you'll stumble upon, learning about the things that catches your eye, and maybe along the way, finding things that would fill your heart. No expectations, no directions, just destinations. Surprises are pretty fun, aren't they?  

I hope to share with you bits and pieces of stories & photographs that have made my heart (and eyes) happy and truly hope that you enjoy them just as much - it's the little things. 

Let's get lost, shall we? 


xoxo, abotz