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I write this blog as I lay down my 6 year old to sleep. Man, time flies, doesn't it? 

My parents had just received our annual family photo in canvas - they had just moved into a new place a few months ago and wanted to create a wall series that matched our first family photo on the wall and add on to as the kids/fam grows.  

I don't think of it much but after having a few rough weeks, this popped into my newsfeed. 

The daily stress and challenges of the day to day life can sometimes be overwhelming. ( #realtalk ) And sometimes I forget WHY I do the things that I do everyday. Sometimes, I forget to find joy in the little things. Sometimes, I forget why I have taken these photographs and why I've wanted to get it in a print up my wall. 

It is my day to day reminder to never forget to live, breathe and to find joy in the simple things in life. It is my day to day reminder to be so thankful of what I have and the amazing people I have in my life. It is my day to day reminder of what's important in my life. 

My heart is always in being able to share this with you guys. To photograph your happy place with the people you love. To create images that will remind us of what's important and the tiny details that we treasure in life. For you to enjoy your photographs daily and for years to come. 

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 

xoxo, abotz


LIFE : Where does LOVE begin? | Edmonton Photographer

For some, it may begin when you learn about new things.. or when trying something new.

"I'm a little scared. Daddy, don't let go."

Sometimes, it may begin in learning to trust & let go... 

"Trust me.", he said. "I got you!"


Sometimes, it may begin when you share what you love with the people that mean the world to you... 

"I've found my happy place here. I'd love for you to see how you would feel about it too!"

& most times, it begins with your favouritest people in the world... 

It's in journey-ing through both the beautiful little moments and challenges in life & in celebrating every bit of it, together. 

"You got us. We got you. We got us!"

So maybe, just maybe, little one... this is where LOVE begins <3

xoxo, abotz 


Featured People in Photographs : Siruno Family, 2017 | Our Happy Place - Family Session | Edmonton, AB


Love : Family photos be like... | Edmonton Photographer

I remember growing up and having my mom and dad have us all dressed up - towards the end of every year - to get our family photos done. They would make little pocket calendars out of it and send them to family and friends. 

Time passed, we grew up, life got busy, our families have grown and then we realized that we really have not taken the time to get our family photos done anymore. 

So, we started again last year. Now, my mom has requested that we do it again every year. It was really nice to see how our little kiddos have grown throughout the year. Just one year. 

Meet my very loving parents. Our strong backbone,&nbsp;source of inspirational quotes, with love that makes our hearts (and tummies) full!&nbsp;

Meet my very loving parents. Our strong backbone, source of inspirational quotes, with love that makes our hearts (and tummies) full! 

The cool uncle aka the kids' fave playmate during the holidays.&nbsp;

The cool uncle aka the kids' fave playmate during the holidays. 

The loves of my life.&nbsp;

The loves of my life. 

&amp; then, there's these two lovebirds - insert inside joke here.&nbsp;

& then, there's these two lovebirds - insert inside joke here. 

Here's the crew ... when all is calm, all is bright...&nbsp;

Here's the crew ... when all is calm, all is bright... 

But we all know that Family photos be like....&nbsp;

But we all know that Family photos be like.... 

I can't wait until these boys are old enough to see how much happiness (hehe) they've brought into our lives!

But hey, just like anything in life - it gets easier. Yes, including Family photos :) 

xoxo, abotz

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Celebrate : Allizon's Dedication Day | Edmonton Photographer

The first time we photographed this adorable little girl was when we celebrated her mom and dad's 10th year anniversary - she was still in mommy's tummy then!

So when we were invited to photograph this special day for her... I couldn't be more excited. 


There was so much PINK!!! And I mean really, you gotta see her super cute cake!! 




Along with your beautiful family, here are some of the wonderful people that you will grow up to know and have celebrated your special day with... 


You are very much loved, baby girl! Happy Dedication Day <3 

xoxo, abotz

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Life : He turned 13 and Yes, I am THAT kind of MOM! | Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer

I think by now, the whole world has already known about my first born hitting his teens. I've pretty much whined and broadcasted it everywhere. It's pretty much all that I could talk about all week. I mean, really, HOW CAN YOU NOT?! 

THEY GROW UP WAY TOO FAST... and I don't think anything can ever prepare me for this. 

I have a teenager in my hands. It felt just like yesterday that I held him in my arms for the first time. He was purple/blueish. I was scared. I was 16 and had nothing but random nurses checking up on me and a gameboy to distract me in the delivery room - it was that time of the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong and families weren't allowed in. 

But here we are now.... 13 years later. 

I am amazed at how he has grown up to be.

He asks a lot of questions.

He simply requested FAMILY TIME to celebrate his birthday.

When he was six - he wanted clothes and fruits as his birthday presents. (He totally got a fruit basket!) 

He's grown up to be a lot mature than he should be at his age. 

I trust him, I would say. 

I don't ever want him to change or be any different. 


He is my world. 

His hugs are the best. 

And like any mother, I just want him to stop growing - But I kinda have to let that go, don't I? 

I'm happy for him. I'm happy he's growing and learning... and finding his own perspective in life. 

And yes, I am THAT kind of MOM that begs her kids to please please... can we do your birthday photos???? I promise to make it super coooool!!!! :D 


I love you Ecko - to the moon and back. You sir, make me incredibly proud. 

xoxo, mom 

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Life : Roadside Turnout | Lifestyle Photographer : Adventures

Once upon a time... I've had such a fear of cars. For the longest time, being inside a car freaks me out. I was a couple of months pregnant when we got into a little accident and since then, it was a little hard to stay still and calm as I sit on the passenger's seat. 

But time came when I had to decide if I was ever going to have to learn to drive. Oh, it was a ton load of deep breaths.. but after hours and hours put into lessons and a tough driving instructor - we did it!

..... Life was never the same! I got a job that took me driving around the city and out of the city which was super exciting for a new driver who was still totally struggling changing lanes and getting out there driving in the early mornings when some roads wouldn't have lights on. 

Is it hard? Is it scary? Hell yeah! It can get scary... At one point, I cried and was very tempted to leave my car on the side of the road and cab home. 

But here's why I'm soo happy I did it & continued to do it... 

It allowed me to experience the beautiful sunrise on the road.... It brought me to places that I would otherwise not have been to... It allowed me to meet and experience life with amazing people... It continues to inspire me...

And as Hazee & I brought in the close of our last little roadtrip together for the year.. we decided to spend the night on the road.. to get a little lost.. and to hunt for stars. (lol we're little nerds like that)

We've been wanting to do this since the beginning of the year and thought, well.. "Why not NOW?!"

& What do you know? A little surprise came to greet us on the road... 

It was both our first experience gazing and having a peek at the Northern Lights, We really were just looking to enjoy the stars. 

It was beautiful... so peaceful... and thrilling at the same time. It was a wonderful treat! 


Isn't it amazing where life takes you when you take deep breaths and face your fears? 

- Because YOLO & #noregrets =)

So, here's our little adventure by the Roadside Turnout. Share a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it! 

xoxo, abotz

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"Roadside Turnout" - Innisfail, AB - 2016

What's in the BOX?! - Hello, Baby! Collection | Lifestyle Photographer : Newborn

Over the last few weeks - we've spent some time with wonderful people who have celebrated their growing families and have shared this very special time with them. 

My heart is full, you guys! Your little moments have inspired me and have totally reminded me of what it was like spending the first few hours, days and months with my babies. ( I still like to call them that! hehe) 

I'm so excited to share with you what helped me create What's in THIS BOX ----> 


The minute I got to meet this beautiful little chubby cheeked little baby boy in the hospital.. where he was only a few hours old, I fell in love... and I knew I would love to freeze little moments like these... 

You know - the first few moments... how tiny they looked.. and what having them come into your life feels like... 

I hope to quietly borrow these little moments ... to spend some time crafting ... a special gift that I can return to you... 


so that when the time comes that they start talking .. and walking .. and asking you millions of questions about anything and everything, including... "Mommy, what did I look like as a baby?"

You can re-open this box of little memories and share their FIRST photographs, along with the stories you've written for them, with them. 

Our Hello, Baby! Collection is inspired by You and specially created for You Moms, Dads, and little ones...

Because our little ones, truly do, make Time fly by so fast!!! 

xoxo, abotz



Our Hello, Baby! Collection Intro Special is available until the end of October - I'd love for you to have these keepsakes for your little ones <3 | Let's Chat :

Life : Pizza. Hot Sauce & Baby's first 24 hours... || Lifestyle Photographer - Newborn

I was going to insert a happy inspirational quote for you to enjoy with this Pizza photo - until Jaeden did a bottle flip and spilled hot sauce EVERYWHERE!!! (Thanks to oxy-clean and my dad's magical carpet cleaning things - it brightened right up)

On the bright side ---> The long weekend is here! and I'm soo excited to meet a sweet sweet 10 day old baby girl and her fambam!!

In case you've missed it - I met a beautiful beautiful baby boy, who was only a few hours old last weekend! I fell head over heels listening to his mommy's birth story and in watching their first few moments together - I wanted to photograph every bit of it!!

It reminded me so much of the first time I laid eyes on my little ones. It was definitely love at first sight. I still remember them quite well - the first time their little hands held on to mine, the way they smelled, their first cry, the first time they smiled at me... oh, my heart totally dropped! & while I was absolutely sure that I had reached for baby wipes on that first night, I managed to grab Ecko's socks instead... ooops?! & so, my parenting adventure began... 

My boys were both very tiny babies. And up to this time, I still can't believe that these little (hot-sauce-carpet-spilling) guys are MINE!! 

I want to dedicate this month to you Moms&Dads, as you celebrate this beautiful new beginning in your life! The first few moments with your little ones are so precious and they really do go by so fast! Would you let me... quietly borrow these special little moments as they unfold .. uninterrupted .. unfiltered - and return them to you in photographs, as you begin to create your growing family's memories?

One day, it will be such a beautiful story to tell AND SHOW your little mini me's. 

I'm very excited to introduce to you our "Hello, Baby!" Newborn Lifestyle Sessions : (0-3 months) - Our introductory specials are available until the end of October :) and yes, expecting mommies, you can pre-book your dates up to the next 6 months. I'd be happy to provide this service in the comfort of your own home or through a hospital visit within baby's first 24 hours : For a limited time only, Portrait Collections starts at only $99. Get in touch for more details <3

I'm excited to share Life&Love with you! xoxo, abotz

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Love Stories : He makes beautiful things out of us || Lifestyle Photographer - Newborn

Yesterday, I saw on my newsfeed that a dear friend had just given birth. And there I was, in my car, on my PJ's - insanely excited and wanted to meet this little one. 

I arrived there and there he was... sleeping. silently. so tiny. in what looked like a giant hospital bed compared to his size. 

I was so happy that my camera was sitting at my back seat and was loaded with a couple more shots on my card. 

I sat along with his mommy as she told me her birth story. It reminded me so much of when I had my boys. 


The first cry. 

and maybe a few more.

But it really doesn't bother you too much. ( Not on the first night, at least )

It will probably be the most heart warming cry you'll ever get to experience and hear.

It's the beautifulest kinda cry. 

& then your momma instincts starts kicking in. 

You have after all, spent nine long months growing, together. 

You calm him down. And watch him sleep. And stare at the beauty of what you can't imagine came from inside of you, is yours. 

After what seemed like the craziest & longest hours of your life, He's finally here... 

Your life is forever changed.

Welcome to the world, little one! You are a beautiful gift to your Mom&Dad <3

xoxo, abotz




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