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Love : Her first breath...

"Happiness is... Family!", they said. And I could not agree more! Sharing this wonderful time with them has made my heart full! 

Tiny little feet... 

The way you look when you're fast asleep... At your beauty, I could stare all day. 

& we wait for the few little moments that you slowly awake.. I want you to see me, "Hey little one, I'm your mommy!!! "

Here's your Big Sister!! She looks and feels like she's grown so much since you've arrived. She's helping me take care of you.. and she will be there for you as the years go by. 

We think you like her just as much! 

Daddy holds you in his arms. You're safe here, little one. 

It won't be too long till you grow... you guys are known for making time fly by so fast! 

But for now, we'll enjoy these first little moments - the day you came into our lives. 

Welcome home, little one! We're happy to have you join us for the ride... 

"Happiness is... Family!" - Team Blake

Hello, Baby! Welcome Home to your Beautiful Family <3

xoxo, abotz

Love Stories : He makes beautiful things out of us || Lifestyle Photographer - Newborn

Yesterday, I saw on my newsfeed that a dear friend had just given birth. And there I was, in my car, on my PJ's - insanely excited and wanted to meet this little one. 

I arrived there and there he was... sleeping. silently. so tiny. in what looked like a giant hospital bed compared to his size. 

I was so happy that my camera was sitting at my back seat and was loaded with a couple more shots on my card. 

I sat along with his mommy as she told me her birth story. It reminded me so much of when I had my boys. 


The first cry. 

and maybe a few more.

But it really doesn't bother you too much. ( Not on the first night, at least )

It will probably be the most heart warming cry you'll ever get to experience and hear.

It's the beautifulest kinda cry. 

& then your momma instincts starts kicking in. 

You have after all, spent nine long months growing, together. 

You calm him down. And watch him sleep. And stare at the beauty of what you can't imagine came from inside of you, is yours. 

After what seemed like the craziest & longest hours of your life, He's finally here... 

Your life is forever changed.

Welcome to the world, little one! You are a beautiful gift to your Mom&Dad <3

xoxo, abotz




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