Sticker Photos + Happy Walls - HP Social Media Snapshots

Do you remember the time when sticker photos were a thing? We now live in such a digital age that most of our photos are either piled up in our computer folders and screens. 

As I was walking around Staples one day, I saw these Sticker Photo Paper and it totally reminded me of the ones that we used to collect with our friends as kids - only these ones are a bit bigger in size and what do you know - printable from your phone. Yes kids, there's an app for that! 

So months later, I finally decided to dust off the box & gave it a go... 


If you're on the look out for a home printer - the HP DeskJet 3755 has stole my nerdy momma heart. Having a printer that is such a space saver is an absolute dream. It fits in the corner of my desk nicely and with it's size, has been an ease for bringing around. lol i know i know.. who the hell brings a printer around? well, this chick kinda does.. and maybe you do too.  


The Social Media Snapshots package that I got came with 25 4x5 Photo Paper Sheets. 


& it's super cool that it comes with an App with fun polaroid-ish looking designs that prints straight from your smartphone *insert nerdy emoji here* (available from the App Store & Google Play)


You can add custom notes and love letters through the templates & it also automatically saves the date for you. Pretty Cool, hey? I think that was my favourite part. 


One final step before it sticks to the wall.. or in this case, my little white desk. 


& there you go, folks! Sticker Photos + Happy Walls :)

Print one, Share one or Stick em' on your desks.

Use it as a party favor or a Guestbook for your Wedding or Events. 

Happy Photographs with your favourite people in your Happy Place - sometimes, they're enough to push you through crazy days. I know mine are. 

Happy Printing!

xoxo, abotz