Let's Get Lost : That One Summer in Vancouver, 2018 - part i | Flying with Flair Air


// So I heard about Canada’s new cheaper flights and thought I’d give it a shot - I didn’t go through the reviews until I was off the plane so I wouldn’t have any expectations. Here’s to applying the no expectation, no disappointment rule.

// Things to know : I got the email before my flight that carry ons and checked in baggages would cost extra - to check in a bag vs carry on is cheaper and to purchase them online vs during check in and at the gate is cheaper. One personal bag that can be stored under your seat is FREEEE :D

// I made everything I needed for the week fit in a backpack, yay!

// Now that I’m double checking the information I’m giving you, they are listed on the website that I also didn’t read through before I booked : flairair.ca/how-to-save/baggage/

// I also paid for coffee. Because coffee is life. It was $4. It was Starbucks.

// Since I would be paying for snacks anyway, I decided to wait until we landed. Also because I wanted a burger. They didn’t carry burgers. nomnomnom

// The flight was delayed for about 30 mins - acceptable. We’ve had worse.

// Overall, not much I can complain about. I thought everything was reasonably priced, I liked having options to pay for services I need and don’t need. I did not get dragged out of a plane. and hey, we landed in one piece.

// Yes, I would fly with Flair again.

// And no, I didn’t get paid to say that.

// Did you enjoy the photos? :)


xoxo, abotz