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Edmonton Photo Locations #2 : End Of The World | YEG Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Ohla YEG Location number two! I've heard about this place way too many times now that it had to be next on the list. 


Graced by YEG's Freelance Lifestyle Model - Mochiryoko, the best part of this really was that neither of us has been here before. 


The sun was still a bit high up when we arrived so we went for a walk around the area before heading into our main location. 


There's the steep way to get into this "off-limits" location.. but if you ask around, you'll find an easier/safer path to get in. 


I guess you'll never really know until you go.


The sunset. The view. Oh, the heart was happy :) 


Have you been to The End of the World ? 

" The world will try & change you. I hope you never let them <3 "

" The world will try & change you. I hope you never let them <3 "

⭐️Abotz' Rating : 4/5 - View + Sunset, hell yeass!! Enter at your own risk. Enjoy responsibly :)

☀️Chasing Sunset : Spring - May 2018 - 8pm-9pm 

xoxo, abotz

Edmonton Photo Locations #1 : Capilano Park | YEG Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

We're exploring Photography Locations in the YEG! Many times, I get asked for recommendations on locations for photoshoots. Well, why don't we check them out together? 

There's so many beautiful spots here in the city. Last weekend, we hit up Stop Numero Uno :) 

Edmonton Photography Location #1 : Capilano Park 


We had originally planned to hit Gold Bar Park but if you miss the right turn and drive straight ahead, you'll end up finding a parking spot to Capilano Park. 


Winter had just left the building. And all the white stuff had just cleared out. 


It was a beautiful day. Sunsets are always love. 


We did our shoot from 8pm-9pm to catch the beautiful sunset light. 


I can only imagine what this will look like in the fall! 


Overall, it was a fun location to explore.

👍Recommended for : Engagement Sessions, Couple Sessions, Portrait Sessions, Family Fall Sessions, Mini Session, CrashingDateNight Sessions. 

⭐️Abotz' Rating : 4/5 - Sunset was gorgeous. Lots to play around with. Adventure Feel, yeass! 

☀️Chasing Sunset : Spring - April 2018 - 8pm-9pm 

xoxo, abotz

<3 Many many thank you : Julianne + Branden