#WeddingPlanning101 : Engagement Photos - Why do we need them? How can we make the most out of our Engagement Sessions?


So you're recently engaged ( Congratulations!!! ) and you can't wait to announce your engagement! Now, you're on the hunt for Engagement Photos. But is that really all that you'd be using your engagement photos for? Knowing ahead of time what you'd like to use your Engagement photos for can help determine and make the most of your Engagement Session.

So How can we make the most out of our Engagement Session? Here are a few ideas : 

1. Save the Date cards / Invitations 

2. Save the Date Slideshows or a Slideshow to play on your Wedding Day to share your love story with your family & friends. 

3. Wedding Day Decors/Display.

4. Wedding Day Guestbook / Matted Print for your Guests to sign on. 

5. As Wall Art in your future homes. 

& How does knowing ahead of time what we'd be using them for help with our photo session? 

1. It can help determine your outfit for your Engagement Session. 

2. You can co-ordinate with your photographer to create photographs that are designed for whatever you'd like to use your Engagement photos for - if it's for a Guestbook, we're likely to photograph a story session. If we're using your photos for displays/decors on your wedding day, we would suggest that you wear the same "color theme" as your wedding day. If we're using your photographs as a way to announce your engagement or for save the dates, we'd make sure that we include that in your session. 

3. It will save you TIME. a whole lotta time. a whole lotta last minute time & disappointment. Planning ahead of time helps to make sure that you will receive your photographs in time for when you will be needing them. While prints don't usually take weeks to order, processing times for other items may vary - it's best to get them done ahead of time than have everything rushed last minute & to end up not having them as you would've wished for. 

So, in hopes of helping you make the most out of your Engagement Photos & Session, this is one of the things that we do go through when we meet with you on our Complimentary Consultation. 

I hope that helps with your Wedding Planning! 

xoxo, abotz