LIFE : Where does LOVE begin? | Edmonton Photographer

For some, it may begin when you learn about new things.. or when trying something new.

"I'm a little scared. Daddy, don't let go."

Sometimes, it may begin in learning to trust & let go... 

"Trust me.", he said. "I got you!"


Sometimes, it may begin when you share what you love with the people that mean the world to you... 

"I've found my happy place here. I'd love for you to see how you would feel about it too!"

& most times, it begins with your favouritest people in the world... 

It's in journey-ing through both the beautiful little moments and challenges in life & in celebrating every bit of it, together. 

"You got us. We got you. We got us!"

So maybe, just maybe, little one... this is where LOVE begins <3

xoxo, abotz 


Featured People in Photographs : Siruno Family, 2017 | Our Happy Place - Family Session | Edmonton, AB