Life : Pizza. Hot Sauce & Baby's first 24 hours... || Lifestyle Photographer - Newborn

I was going to insert a happy inspirational quote for you to enjoy with this Pizza photo - until Jaeden did a bottle flip and spilled hot sauce EVERYWHERE!!! (Thanks to oxy-clean and my dad's magical carpet cleaning things - it brightened right up)

On the bright side ---> The long weekend is here! and I'm soo excited to meet a sweet sweet 10 day old baby girl and her fambam!!

In case you've missed it - I met a beautiful beautiful baby boy, who was only a few hours old last weekend! I fell head over heels listening to his mommy's birth story and in watching their first few moments together - I wanted to photograph every bit of it!!

It reminded me so much of the first time I laid eyes on my little ones. It was definitely love at first sight. I still remember them quite well - the first time their little hands held on to mine, the way they smelled, their first cry, the first time they smiled at me... oh, my heart totally dropped! & while I was absolutely sure that I had reached for baby wipes on that first night, I managed to grab Ecko's socks instead... ooops?! & so, my parenting adventure began... 

My boys were both very tiny babies. And up to this time, I still can't believe that these little (hot-sauce-carpet-spilling) guys are MINE!! 

I want to dedicate this month to you Moms&Dads, as you celebrate this beautiful new beginning in your life! The first few moments with your little ones are so precious and they really do go by so fast! Would you let me... quietly borrow these special little moments as they unfold .. uninterrupted .. unfiltered - and return them to you in photographs, as you begin to create your growing family's memories?

One day, it will be such a beautiful story to tell AND SHOW your little mini me's. 

I'm very excited to introduce to you our "Hello, Baby!" Newborn Lifestyle Sessions : (0-3 months) - Our introductory specials are available until the end of October :) and yes, expecting mommies, you can pre-book your dates up to the next 6 months. I'd be happy to provide this service in the comfort of your own home or through a hospital visit within baby's first 24 hours : For a limited time only, Portrait Collections starts at only $99. Get in touch for more details <3

I'm excited to share Life&Love with you! xoxo, abotz

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