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Once upon a time... I've had such a fear of cars. For the longest time, being inside a car freaks me out. I was a couple of months pregnant when we got into a little accident and since then, it was a little hard to stay still and calm as I sit on the passenger's seat. 

But time came when I had to decide if I was ever going to have to learn to drive. Oh, it was a ton load of deep breaths.. but after hours and hours put into lessons and a tough driving instructor - we did it!

..... Life was never the same! I got a job that took me driving around the city and out of the city which was super exciting for a new driver who was still totally struggling changing lanes and getting out there driving in the early mornings when some roads wouldn't have lights on. 

Is it hard? Is it scary? Hell yeah! It can get scary... At one point, I cried and was very tempted to leave my car on the side of the road and cab home. 

But here's why I'm soo happy I did it & continued to do it... 

It allowed me to experience the beautiful sunrise on the road.... It brought me to places that I would otherwise not have been to... It allowed me to meet and experience life with amazing people... It continues to inspire me...

And as Hazee & I brought in the close of our last little roadtrip together for the year.. we decided to spend the night on the road.. to get a little lost.. and to hunt for stars. (lol we're little nerds like that)

We've been wanting to do this since the beginning of the year and thought, well.. "Why not NOW?!"

& What do you know? A little surprise came to greet us on the road... 

It was both our first experience gazing and having a peek at the Northern Lights, We really were just looking to enjoy the stars. 

It was beautiful... so peaceful... and thrilling at the same time. It was a wonderful treat! 


Isn't it amazing where life takes you when you take deep breaths and face your fears? 

- Because YOLO & #noregrets =)

So, here's our little adventure by the Roadside Turnout. Share a similar experience? I'd love to hear about it! 

xoxo, abotz

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"Roadside Turnout" - Innisfail, AB - 2016