What's in the BOX?! - Hello, Baby! Collection | Lifestyle Photographer : Newborn

Over the last few weeks - we've spent some time with wonderful people who have celebrated their growing families and have shared this very special time with them. 

My heart is full, you guys! Your little moments have inspired me and have totally reminded me of what it was like spending the first few hours, days and months with my babies. ( I still like to call them that! hehe) 

I'm so excited to share with you what helped me create What's in THIS BOX ----> 


The minute I got to meet this beautiful little chubby cheeked little baby boy in the hospital.. where he was only a few hours old, I fell in love... and I knew I would love to freeze little moments like these... 

You know - the first few moments... how tiny they looked.. and what having them come into your life feels like... 

I hope to quietly borrow these little moments ... to spend some time crafting ... a special gift that I can return to you... 


so that when the time comes that they start talking .. and walking .. and asking you millions of questions about anything and everything, including... "Mommy, what did I look like as a baby?"

You can re-open this box of little memories and share their FIRST photographs, along with the stories you've written for them, with them. 

Our Hello, Baby! Collection is inspired by You and specially created for You Moms, Dads, and little ones...

Because our little ones, truly do, make Time fly by so fast!!! 

xoxo, abotz



Our Hello, Baby! Collection Intro Special is available until the end of October - I'd love for you to have these keepsakes for your little ones <3 | Let's Chat : hello@abotz.net