Family + Traditions + Camping2019 = #FamilyIsLove


Let’s talk Family Traditions. I’m sure we all have our own sets of traditions - we have our dear parents to thank for starting some of ours.

Once a year, our parents would make it a point to have some strict family time. Some years, it would be a grand adventure to explore a city or country that we haven’t been before and some years, it would be a simple staycation at a nearby hotel. Wherever it was, togetherness was all that mattered… and games, lots of games.


Last year though, Hazel and Arvin had introduced our family to this thing called “Camping”. Living in the middle of nowheres, making sure you brought half your homes to survive and meeting a whole lotta bug friends.


… not going to lie. It is a lot more work than just packing an overnight bag, checking in a hotel and relaxing in a jacuzzi and sleeping in air-conditioned rooms. But I guess this is where “family bonding” comes to play.


Everyone would have to have their set of roles & responsibilities. Hazel and my mom were always great with preparing food. This was the first time I’ve ever had to set up a tent, with the help of the teenager, Ecker. Then there’s setting up the fire, clean up and more food.


I guess that’s what families do anyway.. we’re supposed to help each other out. I, of course, was in charge of the camera. ha ha I can also be pretty helpful with food tasting and wood hauling. lol

I may have forgotten to bring that extra mattress but you can count on me to bring balloons and decors to make our temporary home extra pretty. High Five? No? Ok…


Chess is pretty big in our family. A tournament would be on play on every get together. I think it’s awesome how it gets passed on to the next generation. I mean, look at how serious these guys are taking their game :


Growing up, my mom has introduced us to a lot of boardgames. Family time would mean phones off and everyone must participate. I think this is why we would always look forward to playing boardgames on get togethers. The unstable unicorns has been a favourite lately, even the boys have insisted we teach and include them too.


Games are awesome for family bonding - old and young. Passing on childhood games are funner when we see our little ones enjoying the simple games that we used to play as kids.. Do you remember your “Saw Saw Suka“? We hope to pass on “Patintero” next..


FAMILY PHOTOS will always always be a part of our get togethers. It will always be in the Agenda. haha


Year after year after year, Mom would always make us sit on the couch for our yearly family photos - and there would always be that one kid who refused to sit and smile. I think we’ve had enough of the “Traditional” sitting group photos growing up. lol


Oh and before I forget… my mom loves bday surprises. It is family tradition. And so I think it was the best way to welcome the new sister in law with her first surprise birthday with the family… rain or shine.


So this is my family. These are our traditions. And this is me… trying to look for the nearest coffee shop so I can get some wi-fi because I still had some photos to deliver on our first day…


There was no Tim Hortons nearby. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? But there was a gas station 30 mins away that had awesome wi-fi. Photos were delivered & I drove back to enjoy an unplugged weekend with my favourite peoples :)

Your Turn!

What are your family traditions? Do you have a favourite game? I’d love to hear your stories! Leave them at the comment below.

Have an Amazing Summer you guys! xoxo, abotz


P.S: If you ever need someone to invade your family get togethers for some non-traditional family photos (maybe a new tradition?) You know who to call :)

Edmonton Photo Location #6 : Mactaggart Sanctuary | YEG Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer


Today I share with you one of my favourite and go-to spots for photos. If you do ever visit (especially in the summer), you’ll find that I’m not the only photographer that absolutely loves this location.

Located in the South Side of the city by 23rd Ave… is Edmonton’s not-so-hidden gem.


Regardless of season, it’s absolutely beautiful all year round.


My clients love this location - gives them that feel of “adventure” & being away from the city without having to drive hours and hours away.


👍Recommended for : Engagement Sessions, Couple Sessions, Portrait Sessions, Family Sessions, Mini Session, CrashingDateNight Sessions, Summer Shoots, Bridal Party Portraits, Wedding Photo Location - South Side  

⭐️Abotz' Rating : 5/5 - lots of greens. big open space. beautiful light. If you do decide to do your Wedding Day photos here, make sure to bring extra walking shoes - 1. for comfort, 2. depending on season, it can get a little muddy. oh, and don't forget the bug spray!

xoxo, abotz

Safe, Loved, Enough | Winter Engagement Session ( Edmonton, AB )


Engagement Photos - What are they for?

They’re usually a great way to celebrate and announce your Engagement :)

Engagement Photos can be used for your Save the Dates, Invitations, Guestbooks and as part of your Wedding Day Decors.


Where’s the best location for your Engagement Photos?

There are many beautiful locations in Edmonton for your Engagement photos - we usually recommend to make a stop at your first or favourite date night locations or play around with your Wedding Theme and find a location that matches that. We can start with getting to know you and your love story and find a way to incorporate that to your Engagement photos.


When’s the best time to do your Engagement Photos?

6-12 months before your Wedding Date if you’re wanting to use them for your Invitations and Save the Dates.

up to 2 months before your Wedding Date if you’d like to incorporate your Engagement Photos as displays on your wedding day or if you’d like to use them for your guestbook.


Do you have packages available for Engagement Photos?

Sure do! Here are a couple of options that we can do for your Engagement Photos available as add ons to your Wedding Collection :

(A) Save The Date Collection ($250)

Engagement Session + 10 Digital Downloads +

your choice of a Save the Date Slideshow or a 16x20 Guest Sign Board

(B) Guestbook Collection ($399)

Engagement Session + 30 Digital Downloads + 8x8 Guestbook


Should you have any questions about your Engagement Photos, you can always reach us at : | 5873573161

Ready to book your Engagement Photos? Send us an email with your preferred date & as much details as possible! Chat soon :)

xoxo, Abotz

Edmonton AirBNB : Paul & Grace

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful and freshly renovated space for an AirBNB listing here in Edmonton, AB. Located in a quiet neighbourhood, this 2 bedroom basement suite is close to shops, transit and restaurants that guests would definitely enjoy.


I’d always look for a nice bright workspace whenever I would scout out an AirBNB for my travels - this space would totally make it on my list. (and umm, instagram. hehe)


This space is hosted by one of our amazing 2018 couple - Paul & Grace. It’s no surprise that they are getting awesome reviews within just a month.

Check out this space and share it with your family & friends who are visiting the area. They are sure to be well taken care of : Spacious 2 bedroom suite in great location - Edmonton, AB

xoxo, abotz

Let's Get Lost : That One Summer in Vancouver, 2018 - part i | Flying with Flair Air


// So I heard about Canada’s new cheaper flights and thought I’d give it a shot - I didn’t go through the reviews until I was off the plane so I wouldn’t have any expectations. Here’s to applying the no expectation, no disappointment rule.

// Things to know : I got the email before my flight that carry ons and checked in baggages would cost extra - to check in a bag vs carry on is cheaper and to purchase them online vs during check in and at the gate is cheaper. One personal bag that can be stored under your seat is FREEEE :D

// I made everything I needed for the week fit in a backpack, yay!

// Now that I’m double checking the information I’m giving you, they are listed on the website that I also didn’t read through before I booked :

// I also paid for coffee. Because coffee is life. It was $4. It was Starbucks.

// Since I would be paying for snacks anyway, I decided to wait until we landed. Also because I wanted a burger. They didn’t carry burgers. nomnomnom

// The flight was delayed for about 30 mins - acceptable. We’ve had worse.

// Overall, not much I can complain about. I thought everything was reasonably priced, I liked having options to pay for services I need and don’t need. I did not get dragged out of a plane. and hey, we landed in one piece.

// Yes, I would fly with Flair again.

// And no, I didn’t get paid to say that.

// Did you enjoy the photos? :)


xoxo, abotz

#WeddingPlanning101 : Engagement Photos - Why do we need them? How can we make the most out of our Engagement Sessions?


So you're recently engaged ( Congratulations!!! ) and you can't wait to announce your engagement! Now, you're on the hunt for Engagement Photos. But is that really all that you'd be using your engagement photos for? Knowing ahead of time what you'd like to use your Engagement photos for can help determine and make the most of your Engagement Session.

So How can we make the most out of our Engagement Session? Here are a few ideas : 

1. Save the Date cards / Invitations 

2. Save the Date Slideshows or a Slideshow to play on your Wedding Day to share your love story with your family & friends. 

3. Wedding Day Decors/Display.

4. Wedding Day Guestbook / Matted Print for your Guests to sign on. 

5. As Wall Art in your future homes. 

& How does knowing ahead of time what we'd be using them for help with our photo session? 

1. It can help determine your outfit for your Engagement Session. 

2. You can co-ordinate with your photographer to create photographs that are designed for whatever you'd like to use your Engagement photos for - if it's for a Guestbook, we're likely to photograph a story session. If we're using your photos for displays/decors on your wedding day, we would suggest that you wear the same "color theme" as your wedding day. If we're using your photographs as a way to announce your engagement or for save the dates, we'd make sure that we include that in your session. 

3. It will save you TIME. a whole lotta time. a whole lotta last minute time & disappointment. Planning ahead of time helps to make sure that you will receive your photographs in time for when you will be needing them. While prints don't usually take weeks to order, processing times for other items may vary - it's best to get them done ahead of time than have everything rushed last minute & to end up not having them as you would've wished for. 

So, in hopes of helping you make the most out of your Engagement Photos & Session, this is one of the things that we do go through when we meet with you on our Complimentary Consultation. 

I hope that helps with your Wedding Planning! 

xoxo, abotz

Edmonton Photo Locations #5 : Mackinnon Ravine Park | YEG Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

For this Edmonton Photo Location, I got to explore with Jaeden (my 7 year old) - Field trip!! 


Obviously, I had taken advantage of the beautiful mood this guy was in and got some updated portraits for him. We all know how rare and challenging that can be with growing boys. 


Ok, there may have been some sugar bribing involved. 


He also asked nicely if I could let him roll on the grass. 


I had agreed, with a fair trade. 


& as much as I'd like for them to stay away from the screen as much as possible... this guy is pretty awesome at that thing. 


So, this is Jaeden at 7... 


a little grown up now.. 


but still makes faces and everything. 


👍Recommended for : Engagement Sessions, Couple Sessions, Portrait Sessions, Family Sessions, Mini Session, CrashingDateNight Sessions, Summer Shoots, Bridal Party Portraits, Wedding Photo Location - West Side 

⭐️Abotz' Rating : 5/5 - lots of greens. big open space. beautiful light. don't forget the bug spray!

☀️ : Summer - July 2018 - 8pm-9pm 

xoxo, abotz

// Thank you Angel for recommending this beautiful location! Since we won't be offering newborn sessions anymore, please see this wonderful lady & their amazing work - they're a husband and wife team & do cake smash sessions too! -

#WeddingPlanning101 : Wedding Vendors | Edmonton Wedding Photographer


Wedding Planning can be pretty overwhelming, we get that! I hope that sharing with you some of these amazing vendors & what they do could help with your search for your Wedding Dream Team. xoxo, abotz

[ Photobooth ]

M3-tainment Mirror Me Booth

FB : m3tainment | # : 780-719-0129 ( Mhy Mangaliag )

[ Hair and Make Up ]

Glamouré Touch

FB : Glamouré Touch

[ Wedding Venues ]

Polish Veterans Society - Hall Rentals

W : | FB : Polish Veterans Society - Hall Rentals

[ Film ]

Aldrich Cinematography

W: | FB: aldrichcinematography

Save this link as we’re still adding to the list!

Vendors that are listed are either recommended by brides and vendors that we truly believe can provide your special day with great service <3